101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

38. Do something Amazing for one of Your Customers

Use your customers as your story piece. Look for your most inspiring customers and think about how you could build a PR campaign around them. Maybe you can make a long-held wish or dream of theirs come true for them. Nothing sells like a business giving back to its valued customers.

39. Try a Press Release Service

Press release services provide the opportunity to reach out to a broader media for your company. They come for free or are priced depending on the services you might want to get from them. Make sure you have a solid vision of your PR so you can match it with the services they offer.

40. Reach out to your customers

The key to PR is all about maintaining regular communications. Generate a contact list of your customers and reach out to them on announcements, special events or simply to send them holiday greetings. Be sure to get their permission before you include them on the list. If possible, use what you know about your publics to ensure they only get messages they need. Don’t over use your privilege by crowding up their inboxes otherwise they might unsubscribe.

41. Create ‘How to’ tips

Let’s face it everyone loves life hacks and expert advice. So, start sharing your knowledge to attract attention to yourself and demonstrate you know what you are doing, and can be trusted. Write tips people can easily understand and are useful to the average Joe. Make yourself available for interviews for the newspapers or even TV and radio shows.

42. Get yourself on Wikipedia

More and more people these days go online to do research. One very widely used site is Wikipedia. People who know something about something can write an article for Wikipedia. As such why not have your own Wikipedia entry. Remember to be truthful about yourself and link it to your website.

43. Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site for businesses. This allows you to network with businesses as well as raise your business profile. You will, however, need to invest time contributing to the site. In particular, be prepared to help people who contact you through the site—this is about building your reputation, not about selling your products.

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