101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

44. Leverage Testimonials

The best type of PR is the one that comes from others. What your staff, customers and suppliers say about you is very credible. Always ask people if it’s OK to publish a testimonial on their behalf. It’s powerful when you allow happy customers to voice their excitement about your brand. If possible, seek video testimonials. Feature full-length customer case studies. Use testimonials to enhance your standing as a successful business.

45. Get your website

Websites are becoming the cornerstone of a company’s outreach. If you don’t have a website yet, get one now. Websites will allow your clients and prospects to get one-stop information about your business on their PC or at the palm of their hands. You can also include videos and your social media handles to increase your reach.

46. Offer Exclusives

Rather than blasting your press releases to all the media outlets, offer your exclusive story to one targeted outlet at a time. This will help increase ties with the media and offer them an opportunity they can’t refuse. You will need to research journalists in your industry and pitch them on why you selected them for each unique and exclusive story.

47. Don’t forget social and corporate responsibility

Include the work you do to impact your community. This will help you use the opportunity to directly impact public perception of your company and brand. So, start showcasing your environmental work, ethical business practices or philanthropy.

48. Be part of business events

Host, sponsor or attend business functions to showcase and increase your brand exposure. Such events will help you reach potential suppliers, collaborators and even customers.

49. Get on YouTube

YouTube is among the most popular mediums on our planet. It allows people to post pretty much anything they want to on video provided the community guidelines are followed. Try to avoid outright commercial plugs by keeping it personal, and don’t forget to tell a story.

50. Start or endorse a campaign

By starting or promoting a campaign you give people a cause to rally behind. You not only help a worthy cause but also create a sense of community around a particular cause. Make sure you also include an element of fun and creativity – think Ice bucket challenge.

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