101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

51. Get influencers

An influencer is someone responsible for engaging with and promoting your brand. This might entail payment where the influencer gets something in exchange for their media contributions. The influencers might agree to post three Instagram image and write a blog review of your company. With influencers, you can dictate the direction you would like them to focus on, provide branded hashtags and other plugs.

52. Make your Events Fun

For your events to be successful, make them fun and memorable. The key is not to spend huge amounts of cash but to be creative and original. Hire clowns, comedians and entertainers to make your events fun and easygoing.

53. Perfect before you pitch

Staking your name and reputation before your product or service is ready could bring negative reviews. First focus on bringing the best out of your product or service before going public with it. A good product is more likely to get better press upon review.

54. Always personalize your pitch

Don’t get lazy and send out a bulk press release. Identify the media outlet and if possible, the journalist that will most likely take your pitch. A customized pitch shows you are organized and know what you are talking about. Always address your email to the particular reporter/editor concerned.

55. Create an Annual PR Calendar

Always plan your PR efforts ahead. Most media produce either daily, weekly or monthly so think of them in advance to ensure coverage. Create a PR plan with press announcements that are well-timed before each season, holiday, business calendar announcement and other events.

56. Include a media or press page on your website

Having a well-organized media or press page on your website will project an image of being organized. In addition, provide a where to go in the site for press queries, press releases, bios, company facts and history, and archival material – resources that media would like to use.

57. Be a guest speaker on podcasts

Small business owners are the heart of American ingenuity. Leverage your position to provide insights in regards to your industry, on running a business, current affairs and others. Podcasts are widely popular and have millions of listeners. You can use them to amplify your presence.

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