101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

68. Create your own press kit

Whether it is a press conference, an interview or an event always have a press kit on hand. Your press kit should include your company’s background, brand story, factsheet, bios, high-resolution images and media contact details. This will show you have thought things through and are prepared for any eventuality. Your press kit should be impactful enough for the media to be intrigued and understand your company better.

69. It’s about relationships

Your PR efforts should focus on people who are already influencing your target customer. Look for people who have a lot of clout and build that relationship. Help them understand your message and how their followers can relate to you.

A successful relationship will help build trust between your company and its customers. Building positive relationships with the right media outlets is essential to developing trust. If the relationship isn’t already there, you won’t reach the right audience, no matter how many places feature you.

70. Don’t Discount Press releases

Press releases are an easy way to get credibility and publicity. Submit your press releases to media outlets to help you garner exposure in business journals, newspapers, radio shows and television morning shows.

71. Budget Accordingly

PR resources can be expensive sometimes. Regardless of what your budget is, make sure your budget covers all your priorities. If you have extra left in the budget, that’s ok too. You never know when you might need to use it to promote last-minute releases and ads.

72. Share your coverage

Getting good media coverage is good. Make sure your clients and prospects know about the coverage as well. By sharing your media coverage, you are making it known your business is in the spotlight and is credible.

73. Don’t Fib

Don’t lie to clients, journalists or bloggers. Lying about your company is the surest and fastest way of destroying your business and reputation. Your PR efforts must uphold the principles of truth and accountability, which are vital to building trust and credibility with all stakeholders.

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