101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

You should work with the assumption the truth will come to light, regardless of what you say. So, don’t gamble and destroy your reputation with dishonesty.

74. Plan a Crisis Response

Makes sure you have a crisis communications team in the event a crisis occurs. Your crisis team will be tasked for planning a crisis response and ensuring its execution. They can also develop strategies to address the situation, identify responses, and monitor the media.

75. Remembering the Rules in a Crisis

Follow these simple rules. Always tell the truth; be prepared; show you care; make fast decisions; and make swift adjustments. And never ever, ever say, ‘No comment’. In a crisis always demonstrate care and compassion. 

Successful Public Relations Examples

76. Opt to Use a PR Firm

If you are not sure you cannot handle your PR outreach in-house, always have the option of hiring a PR firm. A PR firm can help you set up your PR efforts, provide you with analytics in terms of reach and use their connections to leverage you some media exposure.

77. Look for some great templates for your PR work

The task, planning and executing PR efforts can be overwhelming. If you have access to the internet you can tap into a treasure trove of templates and planners that are freely available to download.

78. Create your own blog

A blog can be a great way to tell your story with relative ease. Another reason to have a blog of your own is it will make it easier for bloggers to include you in their blogs. It will allow them to see what you’ve done, what you’ve said, and what others are saying about you.

79. Integrate Your PR with your other communications tools

Don’t fall into the pitfall of fragmenting your PR and communications efforts. If you are looking for an effective outreach bring consistency in messaging and a unity of purpose to your outreach. media clippings about your business should be posted to your social platforms, your newsletter and other media you use. It will also help significantly if you have a dedicated individual who handles all your communications.

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