101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

80. Snag your celebrity early on

A celebrity endorsement has some great returns. Be a talent spotter, look towards the long term when you pick your celebrity and make sure you have a bulletproof contract. Your celebrity might not hang around if he or she will get other tempting offers. In order to capitalize on your celebrity, design a wide-ranging program of events for your celebrity to be involved in. Above all keep the rights to all the photos and endorsements.

81. Offer Free Stuff

Make sure you have free t-shirts, caps, flash drives or even a gift basket in your events. Thank your most loyal customers by giving them something nice, reward staff with freebies, or hand out company calendars. These will help build your brand and increase your visibility in your community. A branded apron for the summer or a cool T-shirt can take you a long way.

82. Invite the Media to write a ‘day in the life’ piece

Human interest stories sell, especially in regards to small communities. Whatever your business does the media will be keen to see ‘behind the curtain’. A ‘day in the life’ feature is a great way to build trust and demonstrate transparency.

83. Send samples to the press

If you have a product you want to launch think of the types of reporter who will be interested in it. Send out an advance sample to the media to get good reviews on it and create a need among your customers. A good product review will always beat an ad drive.

84. Break a record or reach a stunning milestone

Choose a record that is relevant to your business and then try to break it. It could be by sponsoring the largest pizza in the state or the highest number of turnouts to your events. Invite the media as well as personalities within your community to become part of the fanfare as well.

85. Embrace a mascot

In a customer-oriented world where a positive happy public face can bring customers to your door creating a mascot is both simple and fun. Having a friendly face is often the best way to spark people’s interests. Sports teams, McDonald’s, Dairy queen all use mascots to personify their business through a recognizable character. While choosing your mascot make sure it symbolizes the spirit of your company, develops positive impact and is engaging.

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