101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

86. Keep up with the Game

Read, research and stay informed with everything in your industry. To better position yourself as a resource person for media looking to garner insights from you. If you are knowledgeable in your industry you will be highly sought after to comment on developing stories.

87. Assign a spokesperson

Though PR work is a team effort you need one person to respond to all queries related to your business. Make sure there is one person who is assigned the job of speaking to the press and they are fully on-message should a writer call up. It is important the person is clearly stated as the go-to person for all media related releases. Don’t forget to include his/her contact details in all releases.

88. Try Show and tell

Invite potential clients to visit where you can showcase your business. Why not offer media and the general public the opportunity to see product demonstration and also create some buzz as well.

89. Help a Reporter Out

Reactive pitching is a good way to get in front of a journalist that works in or around your industry. These can be a terrific way to fit your business into a current story. All you need do is to respond to the query with a pitch on why you would be most qualified to address the topic.

90. Your Customers are also Brand Ambassadors

You can use your customers as brand ambassadors. The mere fact they are using your products and services makes them ideal for endorsements. They can engage with prospects by helping them go through the unique attributes for your product or service from a customer’s perspective. Use those happy customers as your spokespeople.

91. Remember SMART

Use SMART acronym when measuring your PR goals before rolling them out.

  • Specific- Specify your goals and be able to communicate them to others.
  • Measurable- Use analytics or other programs to see your progress toward the goal.
  • Actionable- Break down your goal into smaller objectives, with realistic timelines.
  • Realistic- Establish what you and your team can reasonably do in a set amount of time.
  • Time-Based- Set a final date for your overall goal and shorter deadlines for the different stages of your goal.

92. Show your support by sponsoring events

Sponsoring a major event such as a charity, the town fair or sporting events carries a great deal of publicity value. Find an event that links to your product in a fairly direct way and support it. Sponsorship has always been a popular tool of PR as it generates word of mouth and creates a good impression of the company.

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