101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

5. Work with a Team

First off you will need to set up a dedicated team for your PR efforts. If you have a staffer who is great in graphics, writes witty copy or simply takes good pictures then get them to your team. Your team will help you add value to your messaging, provide feedback and help you distribute your messages. A team can help ensure that any messages you convey are by design rather than an accident.

6. Enhances Your Online Presence

In this world where everyone is digitally connected you need an online presence to reach to your customers. Your social media presence Facebook, Instagram, twitter are great mediums to reach your public. You can use them to make announcements, make connections and publish content.[2]

7. Know your Competition

The key to any successive business is to strengthen your comparative competitiveness. Your business, and every team within it, must have a source of competitive advantage. Understanding, identifying, creating, and sustaining a competitive advantage is at the heart of a good strategy.

8. Create compelling content

Public relations is about sharing the right information to the right places and people. This helps build your brand and brand reputation. You need to learn your target language, desires, things that resonate with them, and the things they don’t like. Choose the right topic for your content. Compelling content should include elements of curiosity, urgency, relevancy, value and emotion.

9. Think like your Audience

Remember to design your campaign from the public’s point of view, not your own. Subtlety is key here! As a business you will need to use wording that conveys a solidly positive image, forcing opponents to take up the negative stance. Run by your message with friends and family to see what they think of the messaging before sending it out.

10. Define Goals and Objectives

Knowing what you want to achieve and how you want to get there can help bring clarity to your approach. This will help in determining which audiences you need to reach, and which messages and tactics are most likely to help you achieve your goals.

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