101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

11. Establish a working Strategy

Choose the right PR strategy to suit your business needs. You will need to distinguish between public relations strategies and PR tactics. Strategies fall under the realm of general approaches to achieving objectives. While tactics are the day-to-day activities a business implements to carry out each strategy. 

PR Tips for Getting Publicity

12. Get the media’s attention

The key to getting media coverage is to offer them a story that they can’t resist. You will need to understand your marketing message and creatively craft them to get maximum impact. Understand that the media is looking for news – anything that is new, different, and creative. You will need to build a good relationship with your local paper or TV station. Try to have consistent engagement with them so that the press doesn’t omit you because they don’t know about you.

13. Get your Promotion game on

Promotion is a great way to attract customers and could be worth a thousand ads. The better your PR visibility, the more your other marketing communications efforts will draw interest. So, get out your freebies, merchandising, T-shirts and posters and start spreading the love. Your merchandising will help create resonance among your customers. Make sure that your marketing collateral have your logo on them

14. Be funny

Humor has always been a good way to get people to feel positive about an organization. Many businesses produce humorous advertisements, but there is no reason why PR should not also operate with a sense of fun. Look for something that your target audience would like. Use this to tap into their sense of humor; remember this may or may not be the same as your own.

15. Tease them, make them anticipate

Most companies like to blow the fanfare when they have something new to promote. After all, it is a great opportunity to show what can be done with an effective PR campaign. This will allow them to give the media something really meaty for a change. Here success lies from doing something different from what everyone else is doing.

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