101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

Make sure to offer something that people will find exciting. This often works best for new products in a series, such as a new model car, book and movie sequels, and new menu items in restaurants. To do this first set a date for the release of the product and publicize it. Release the product in a limited way to enhance anticipation.

16. Have them compete

Competitions, raffles, lotteries, contests of any sort always attract attention, but some are more newsworthy than others. Those who compete will remember the firm and often talk about the competition. Think of an issue, event or topic relevant to your business and then launch a competition along that theme. For a great outcome, the competition should make the news in some way. Above all make sure that the competition is strongly branded.

17. Use the reverse pyramid format in your press release

The mainstay of any public relations endeavor is the press release[3]. The ideal press release is simply, thinly disguised advertisements masquerading as news. If you write it in a manner that it is too promotional the media might not run it. First, write it in a style that is familiar to the publication you have in mind.

Make things easy for journalists by writing in a reverse pyramid style. The whole story is contained in the headline, then each paragraph should offer a little more detail. This will prevent your press release from being cut out too much in the editing room. Avoid using more than 1,000 words.

18. Hold a media event

The media is your go-to medium to disseminate your message. Hold a press conference or a media junket whenever you have something important to announce. Don’t do it only when there is a crisis. Remember what you announce needs to be real news—otherwise, the media will not run it and see the event as a waste of time.

These events will give the media a chance to ask questions in a way that a press release does not. Thus, help build a more robust story on your business. Use the opportunity to further build in some time for journalists to talk one-on-one with your partners, customers and staff. Schedule the event to suit the media’s deadlines and always consult with them beforehand.

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