101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

19. The young audience

Most PR efforts are aimed at adult audiences. You should know that people start forming their opinions of companies long before they are in a position to do business with them. Children, for example, form clear brand associations at a very early age, so why not try to reach them before your competition does?

20. Think local

Major media such as national newspapers and TV news can be difficult to attract. Your press release might be too small to make it in their media. In addition, the competition to get your business in their radar might be too intense. Rather target your local media such as local radio news, local TV news, and local newspapers because they are much easier to approach. As a local business, they are most probably looking for you in terms of familiarity and newsworthiness.

21. Be prominent on the web

The internet is a valuable tool for businesses to get their word out. People seek out information online, and in fact, control the flow of information. What they are looking for is something agreeable. Either from the viewpoint of being familiar and easy to use or from the viewpoint of having content that matches the individual’s own views.

If you customize your SEO and feature prominent on search engines, chances are you are reaching more people. Choose your keywords carefully, based on what your audiences are likely to enter into their search engines. And ensure that your content will not disappoint.

22. Become your Own Brand

People love a business that has a story they can relate to. Be prepared to promote your brand at any and every opportunity. As such, be consistent in your message and positive at all times. You will need to be enthusiastic about your brand and business for people to take notice of you.

23. Cover All your Angles

Being truly newsworthy is a golden opportunity to leverage your brand and it can be a good publicity opportunity. Being consistently relevant to the news is even greater. Think through all the angles when you decide to engage with the media. Know what the media likes, and give it to them.

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