101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

Never send out a blanket release to everybody—it just creates work as journalists try to figure out the relevance of the story.

24. Create photo opportunities

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Always incorporate your copy with a stunning picture.

A striking picture not only take less space but offers a great deal less effort to produce. Getting the photographers along to your events will make the story publishable and also create a great deal more interest. Also, don’t forget to invite television news crews as well. Good photo opportunities are also good video opportunities!

25. Tell Stories

The media are always on the lookout for good, interesting ideas for documentaries. They want shows with strong human interest, and preferably ideas that are unusual taking on topical subjects.

Humble beginnings, a sense of community, humor, human interest, tragedy all sell. Think from the perspective of the media and the public. Ask what will they gain from it? What spin-offs might there be?

26. Don’t forget the holidays

Holidays like Christmas can be a great time for PR work. This is because people are generally full of goodwill, and appreciate goodwill gestures by companies. Support charities, endorse campaigns and give to charity during these periods. They help create warm, fuzzy feelings towards your business. They help highlight the company has a human face. Also, involve your employees as it will help them get into the holiday spirit too.

27. Involve others

Nothing says a community business as one that forges ties within the community. Participate in events in your local church, support the local football team and network in your local chamber of commerce. Your stakeholders need not just be passive recipients of your PR efforts but also partners. They can join in and be part of what’s happening. In fact, the greater the involvement of stakeholders, the greater their feelings of ownership and loyalty toward you and the project.

Consider carefully the agendas of the stakeholders you want to involve. Also, find common ground and work with them- don’t try to dictate.

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