101 Public Relations Strategies, Tips and Examples

28. Write your own story

If possible, publish your own newsletter. You can piggyback media to send out your message. But having your own outlet can help you churn out great content more frequently. Decide to publish regularly either once a week or at least once a month.

Don’t let the newsletter become a propaganda device, encourage your staff to also contribute. The key is to have your own medium and platform where you can engage with your audiences on your terms.

29. Join Associations

By being a member of the Rotary Club, chambers of commerce and local associations you get access. Besides providing networking opportunities for business people, and can also use them to distribute your messages. Establish your credentials as an industry spokesperson and if possible, involve your trade association. Volunteer and support to get more recognition and partnership. Image is everything, be proactive in asking for roles, producing articles, and dealing with the press.

30. Be passionate

As a local business, you should be actively engaged in what happens in your community. Be it the new zoning laws, climate change, support the local hospital or help renovate the local church. By being a business that is passionate about your community you are not only drawing attention to your business but also positively impact your community at large. Think beyond just fundraising, perhaps you could donate your time or the time of your team to a good cause. These are often easy to report on and show that yours is a company with a heart.

31. Involve your employees

A business is run by a collective of people with a common goal to serve its customers. Try to infuse an element of humanity into your business’s story. Highlight what your business does to help staff pay their mortgages, how you as a company have social interactions, and performing interesting and useful tasks as a team. Tell your company’s story from the perspective of your employees. Involve your employees at every opportunity and make sure you have a regular employee of the month post.

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