How to Write a Press Release in 7 Easy Steps (2020 Update)

Their reader base isn’t going to align with your target audience!

You can find out more about how to pitch to the right journalists and publications here[14].

Dmitry’s take

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When you search for your target keyword in JRO[15], the software shows a list of journalists and bloggers along with their contact details.

You can then send them an email pitch directly through JustReachOut.

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When Should You Send a Press Release?

Just like in social media marketing, the timing of your content plays a huge role. The time you release a press release can make or break your chances of success.

You would ideally want to send a press release at a time when it can get the most exposure. Ideally, your press release should arrive at a time when reporters and editors are willing to go through it.

Here’s a handy infographic about when you should send a press release for maximum media coverage:

Source: MediaUpdate[17]

Examples of Actual Press Releases

Here are a few examples of good press releases:

1. Product Releases

Bain & Company Launches NPS Prism, A New Business To Help Companies Create Game-Changing Customer Experiences[18]

Marathon Brewing Releases Signature Beer, 26.2 Brew, Nationwide[19]

2. Partnerships

Curacity Partners with CitizenNet to Turn Instagram into a Measurable, Revenue-Driving Platform for Hotels[20]

Waterford Hotel Group and Waterton Forge Partnership to Grow Hospitality Footprint[21]

3. Awards

Autosoft Recognized as a Best Place to Work in Pennsylvania Five Years Running[22]

American Management Association (AMA) Named to 2019 Training Industry’s Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List[23]

4. New Hires

PolyOne Board Elects Dr. Patricia Verduin as Director[24]

ICF Appoints Mark Lee to Lead Public Sector Group[25]

5. Technical Releases

ProcessPro ERP Releases New Cultivation Management System[26]

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